QINSHI trade is a leading garment goods design, development, sourcing, and logistics company serving major retailers and brands around the world.

We specialize in responsibly managing supply chains for global brands, department stores, hypermarkets, specialty stores, catalogue-led companies, and e-commerce platforms. We serve our customers by responsibly managing the entire supply chain and are committed to achieving the highest standard and meeting their needs through competitive pricing, quality, and reliable delivery.

We leverage our extensive domestic network, depth of experience, market knowledge, and advanced technology to respond rapidly to evolve consumer and production trends. As in east China's most professional garment sourcing and distribution platform, customer relationship, the supplier network, operations are unparalleled.

Our business is built upon our people, time-honored values, financial strength, our approach to sustainability through the entire supply chain, and our community engagement. 

We work closely with our customers to meet their individual needs

Our individual teams of experts work closely with customers, assessing their needs and using market research, retail and fashion trend forecasts, and innovative technology to design the right supply chains to deliver their products.


We develop products and customize services for our customers

Whether customers come to us with a specific direction or need our help in conceptualizing products, our creative teams are there every step of the way. Between brainstorming, designing and prototyping, we make sure their vision becomes reality. We also innovate in designing the best supply chain solutions to optimize pricing, quality, quantity and delivery of products, enhancing speed to market.


We source great products from suppliers around the world

We evaluate factories based on their capability to supply the right product and based on their commitment to quality, safety and compliance. We work with over 15,000 suppliers in multiple ways to meet our customers’ needs.

We have a hands-on approach to managing every aspect of the supply chain from concept to completion

We operate leading-edge systems and programs to help our customers meet quality needs, industry standards and local requirements, whether it’s orchestrating quick-response production or overseeing compliance at the factory level.

Our logistics network operates around the clock to get products where they need to be

We’re not just about moving things from one place to another. We analyze each customer’s needs, anticipate challenges, design options and set up contingency plans so they never have to worry about the journey.

We offer a customizable menu of logistics solutions, from warehousing, transport, repacking, customs brokerage, freight forwarding, hubbing and consolidation, and other value-added services to make delivery easy.

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